thin steel pad printing plate

Thin steel 0,5 mm

LASER ENGRAVABLE PLATE / etchable pad printing plate

Thin steel 0.5 mm is a hardened carbon steel cliché with a polished surface, it is also available in a thickness of 0.2 mm. The plates have a negative photosensitive lacquer on both sides. All thin steel clichés are cut and perforated at the customer’s request.

This pad printing plate can be engraved by laser or by chemical etching.

Product specifications:

  • Up to 100.000 prints without loss of quality
  • Suitable for closed and open ink systems
  • Suitable for halftone printing
  • Screen ruling up to 200 lpi (80 L/cm)
  • Maximum (laser) depth is 200 microns


Plate specifications:

  • The hardness of the plate is 49 HRC
  • The flatness is 0,2% (width)
  • Roughness Ra 0,1 µ
  • Roughness Rmax 2.5 µ
  • A tonal range of 10 % to 95 % at screen ruling of 200 lpi (80 L / cm), this depends on the illuminator and type of film or the laser type.


INK specifications:

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Pad printing plate detail

etching the thin steel 0,5 mm

Needs to etch a pad printing plate:

  • Illuminator
  • Developer PR/Steel
  • Retouching pen
  • Etching machine
  • Lacquer remover PL/Remover
  • Drying oven

Attention: the opening of the packaging, the lighting and the development of the pad printing plate must be done in a room with only yellow light.

More information about these articles can be found in our consumables brochure

A detailed description of the individual steps in making the pad printing plates and detailed information on processing and storage can be found in the user manual. Please ask your sales contact

Laser cliché service

Do you not have the possibilities to laser pad printing plates yourself or do you only need a few? No problem! Exposure of CTP pad printing plates is a daily business for Printing International. We produce dozens a day, from the smallest to the largest formats, with or without perforations, according to your specifications. Our processes are tightly organised and are subject to quality controls throughout production.

Find out more about Printing International’s laser cliché service here.

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Laser cliché service

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