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Printing on fruit / vegetables

Stickers on fruit are a thing of the past. And soon even prohibited. Because of the harmful glue residues and plastic pollution. Do you still want to be visible as a fruit/vegetable distributor by means of a logo or do you want to give your customer a message? Then Printing International is happy to help you! Thanks to our specialized knowledge in pad printing, we are happy to help you find a tailor-made solution. Our…


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Laser cliché service

PRINTING INTERNATIONAL LASER CLICHÉ SERVICE Do you not have the possibilities to laser pad printing plates yourself or do you only need a few? No problem! Exposure of CTP pad printing plates is a daily business for Printing International. We produce dozens a day, from the smallest to the largest formats, with or without perforations, according to your specifications. Our processes are tightly organised and are subject to quality controls throughout production. Find out more…