Ultrasoon eco cleaner

Printing International has a new ultrasonic cleaning product, namely Ultrasonic Cleaner ECO. Ultrasonic Cleaner ECO is a very powerful and safe cleaning agent for the removal of various one-component and two-component printing inks, adhesives, coatings and resins based on, among others, polyurethane, polysulfide, isocyanate or epoxy.

The Ultrasonic Cleaner ECO is a readily biodegradable product with a very high flash point for quickly and efficiently removing all kinds of soiling. Often harmful and aggressive solvents with a low flash point and/or high vapour pressure (such as methylene chloride, NMP or NEP) are used for the removal of ink residues, hardened two-component resins, adhesives, sealants (kitten), paint residues, etc. These harmful effects are not present with Ultrasonic Cleaner ECO.

The use of Ultrasonic Cleaner ECO allows for cleaner, safer and more pleasant working conditions and is a safe alternative to products based on methylene chloride, NMP or NEP.

Ultrasonic Cleaner ECO is non-corrosive, does not affect the ozone layer and is therefore safer to use. The rapid evaporation of conventional solvents not only creates a harmful working environment due to the high concentrations in the air, but can also contribute to O.P.S. (Organo Psycho Syndrome or “painter’s disease”), i.e. brain damage caused by inhaling harmful solvents. This is not the case with Ultrasonic Cleaner ECO.

Ultrasonic Cleaner ECO is not carcinogenic, aromatic solvents are.

Cleaning with Ultrasonic Cleaner ECO is less labour intensive, which results in lower labour costs.

Ultrasonic Cleaner ECO is ISEGA certified and therefore perfectly suitable for companies in the food industry and related sectors which have to work according to H.A.C.C.P. guidelines. It contributes to a controlled working environment and is also fully compatible with BRC and IFS standards.



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