NYP34-W Printing International

NYP 34-W

etchable pad printing plate

NYP 34-W etchable pad printing plate is a water washable polymer plate for the highest print quality, suitable for small print runs.

Product specifications:

  • Up to 20.000 prints without loss of quality
  • Suitable for closed and open ink systems
  • Suitable for halftone printing
  • Screen ruling up to 150 lpi (60 L / cm)
  • Maximum depth is 200 microns
  • Highest resolution for the reproduction of the finest details
  • Stable and reproducible print results through precise definition of the engraving depth
  • Excellent solid density due to brilliant ink transfer due to straight cell geometry.


Plate specifications:

  • The hardness of the plate is 89 shore D
  • A tonal range of 2 % to 95 % at screen ruling of 150 lpi (60 L / cm)


INK specifications:

Pad printing plate detail

etching NYP 34-W

Needs to etch a pad printing plate:

  • Illuminator
  • Water
  • Washbasin
  • Washing out brush
  • Drying oven

Attention: the opening of the packaging, the lighting and the development of the pad printing plate must be done in a room with only yellow light.

More information about these articles can be found in our consumables brochure

A detailed description of the individual steps in making the pad printing plates and detailed information on processing and storage can be found in the NYP 34-W etchable plate user manual. Please ask your sales contact

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