Next generation pad printers

Pad printing machinery typically requires some operator or supervisor intervention to setup the machine. Printing plate, ink and pad must be installed and adjusted for the product to print.

Reference points, like dowel pens, on printing plates and pads might reduce the adjustments but fine tuning with some specific technical skills is mostly still required to get perfect results. Printing results remain nevertheless very subjective to operator or supervisor accuracy. Quite some products may be lost because the print isn’t perfect during this manual setup procedure.

Our patented Automatic Color Registration module and procedure avoid cumbersome setup eliminating the need for technical skills from operator and supervisor and eliminating the need for extra products that will be lost during machine setup.

Printing plates and pads are simply fixed onto the machine and the ACR modules use specific references on printing plates, pads and product fixtures to align all components to get not only registered colors but also to place the (multicolor) image exactly on the spot where you need it to be. All of this without printing any product, resulting in a first-time-right approach. And did I forget to mention that this setup procedure takes also only a few seconds ?

Positioning accuracy of image onto product using the ACR module is a factor that is reduced to measurement accuracy rather than the accuracy of manual positioning of the key components.

This ACR setup procedure is obviously much faster and most likely more accurate than manual setup in case of multicolor images. It needs mentioning that using the ACR module for one-color images offers the same advantages.

During production, re-calibration of the setup can be repeated if required (for example to compensate for time-based temperature effects). A complete repositioning of the image (all colors together) or adjustment of one particular color component referenced to any other color component is also easy to do at any moment during production.

If you think your operators or supervisors spend to much time in seting up your printing machines, the ACR module is what you need!




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