Ecovadis silver medal

Silver Ecovadis medal

Attention all eco-conscious consumers! 🌱

We are pleased to announce that Printing International has been awarded a SILVER Ecovadis medal for our commitment to sustainability management. 🎖️

Our dedication to the environment and social responsibility is what we renew every single year.

Some of Printing International’s strengths, recognized by Ecovadis are:

  • Use of alternative, less hazardous materials in activities;
  • Use of recycled materials;
  • Purchasing and/or generating renewable energy;
  • Internal health and safety audits;
  • Provision of personal protective equipment to all involved employees;
  • Risk-analysis of health and safety risks for work emergencies;
  • Training of employees on health and safety issues and good working practices;
  • Provisions to protect third-party data from unauthorised access or disclosure;
  • Responsible Purchasing Charter for suppliers in force;
  • Improvement of energy efficiency through technology or equipment upgrades.

Let’s keep working together to improve our world! 🌏

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