With a background as sales agent for industrial printing components Mr. Devolder had enough experience to start on his own. So he founded the company in 1974. At that time we acted exclusively as an agent for print supplies.


To meet the growing demand for standard pad printing machines we launched an engineering department. The first machines were born and named TO 100 & TO 200.


Development of a pad printing machine to print 360° on PVC balls. – patented

Relocation to new building of 3500 m2 to become a one-stop shop for our customers. Since then we help our customers with every aspect related to pad printing: research & development, building machines, supplying consumables and worldwide technical support.


Development of a machine for printing on pharmaceutical products. In addition we started using servo motors in our pad printing machines.


Mr. Devolder takes a step back to let the new generation grow inside Printing International. Filip Feyaerts is appointed as the new CEO of Printing International.


In order to guarantee a standardised way of working in the company, we have established a formalised quality management system and obtained the ISO 9001 certificate.


Delivery of the first validation package complying to GAMP.


To be able to detect badly printed or manufactured products we developped a fully automated camera print inspection with selective outfeed sorting. This enhances the OEE and decreases the product waste.


Development of the first fully automated feeding system with vibrating bowl to automate the input of products.


A global demand in the pharmaceutical industry led to building and shipping a lot of pad printing machines to different places in the world. For the first time we shipped pharmaceutical pad printing machines to Japan, USA and India.


When handling expensive products with a high manufacturing cost its needless to say you don’t want to break products along the way. To further optimize our product handling we developed a vision control system to ‘gently’ orient the products.

In the same year we developed a linear rotary pad printing machine. – patented


Because printing on products is only a part of the production process we saw that more customers were looking for 1 complete solution for producing their products from start to finish. We started developing machines that assemble products and pad print them.


Development of a machine to pad print products and load them immediately into trays for transport.


To evolve with the industry 3.0 innovations we started testing IOT applications and exploring the possibilities for different customers.


We were selected as 1 of the 11 Siemens OEM partners. This partnerships enhances the innovative developments and ensures premium quality and technical support.