The pad printing plate, also called cliché or the printer plate, contains the desired artwork (image). This artwork can be engraved by means of laser or chemical etching and it’s function is to hold ink in this etched/lasered cavity, allowing the pad to pick up this ink as a film (in the shape of the artwork), which is then transferred to the substrate. The quality of the printing plate and the print image affect the quality of the print directly.

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UP TO 1,000,000 PRINTS

The range of different plate types and their different lifetimes.*

lasered printing plate


There are two main types of printing plate materials, used depending on the desired print quality and quantity:

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Thanks to the computer-to-plate technology we can make sustainable printing plates. We use the laser to:

  • have sharper images up to 4 micron
  • obtain higher lifetime of cliché
  • reduce setup time to 0
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How do you calculate the lifetime of a pad printing plate?

The lifetime of the pad printing plate is determined by the possible number of times the doctor blade or ink cup can draw back the ink, this is the production output. This depends on many different factors, such as the doctor blade contact pressure in an open inking system and for a closed system the contact pressure of the ink cup. Additionally, the ink type and the colour have effects on the lifetime, as also the degree of care for the pad printing plate.

On which pad printing machine do the plates fit?

Regardless of which brand of printing machine you use, our plate department can cut to size and punch any manufacturer’s hole pattern (pin registration).

Where to order pad printing plates?

As a one-stop-shop for all pad printing needs Printing International can supply all pad printing plates you need to start printing. Contact us to get a quote.


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