for your pad printing machines

Do you need pad printing consumables?

Do you know that pad printers last much longer if the correct working and cleaning procedures are used?

We divide the consumables into four categories:
pads, plates, inks and accessoires

pad printing pads


We offer a wide range of different pads: available in wood, aluminum or metal base plate. In addition we offer validated pads for strictly regulated industries (such as pharmaceuticals or medical devices).

pad printing plates


The printing plate is a metal or plastic plate, in which the image is engraved. Depending on the application, you can choose nylon, thin steel or thick steel plates.

pad printing ink


Find the right ink and color for you depending on the type and color of the material. Beside the UV based inks we also offer water based inks. Available in RAL, pantone, CMYK and HKS.

pad printing supplies


All possible accessories for pad printing (such as PE-gloves, solvent pumps, mixing cups, brushes etc.) are available. In order to keep everything organized you can use printing tables for the maintenance of pad printing products.

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